6 Technologies And Trends That Will Rule 2021

6 Technologies And Trends That Will Rule 2021

The year 2020 has been a technical rotation for the whole world, especially businesses. The pandemic and the restrictions imposed because of it has stopped everything, and we had to sit back and think. The digital system turned out to be a gamechanger and gave birth to brand-new developments and transformations.  It changed the bordering things and the same awareness towards technology and its role in our life. As businesses worldwide advance in innovation and risk aversions — 2021 can be assumed as a year that will see a surge in ground-breaking technologies and the disruption caused by them. Here, we bring forth a handful of technologies that will trend in 2021 and govern the future.

Contactless payments

One of the major trends that have emerged from the coronavirus outbreak is the usage of contactless payment. Now buyers can pay using their debit or credit cards with RFID technology or chip cards. And they can do this without having to swipe their cards. This technology was already in place before the pandemic started. However, this technology is going to need more improvements to be usable in the upcoming future. 

Virtual Agents

Businesses, large and small, have started using chatbots nowadays. This AI-powered tool is empowered to answer your website visitors’ questions. The device can qualify sales leads and help customers check out as well. Nevertheless, in 2021 we expect to see more advances in AI-powered customer service. The new trend of technology will see that companies won’t just be using chatbots alone. The tech geeks will be creating virtual agents with a face and personality as well. The advanced development will allow them to handle even more customer service errands for your business.

For instance, Ava – Autodesk’s virtual agent has a female face and voice. And this VA speaks in a way that lines up with the company’s brand. Ava is quite successful than its previous counter chatbots. That’s because the team invested time in creating a strong persona. Thus, in 2021, be ready to see more companies capitalizing on life-like AI-powered virtual agents. And, these mediators will carry on engaging discussions with your brand’s clients.

Internet of Behavior

IoT will accentuate health technology, safety, and customer association. Also, expect to see the Internet of Behavior in determining the post-pandemic biosphere. The technology involves the use of devices to detect whether workers are washing hands and sporting masks. The collected data outlines the behavioral changes. And this can be probable in other scopes of life such as public well-being, road traffic flow, and much more.

Blockchain Technology

As per the forecasts go for 2021, blockchains will encompass Omni-experience ecologies cutting down on transaction expenses by 35 percent. Worldwide supply chains will use blockchain services to get more connected, letting their customers have a better experience. Blockchain technology is going to disrupt almost every industry. 

However, significant changes will be visible in financial institutes, supply chains, and consumer products in 2021. A recent report shows about $552 million have been spent on blockchain-powered projects by financial organizations. Also, when it comes to blockchain technology market scope, a current report proposes that it will range $7.59 billion by 2024. That’s a diverse yearly growth proportion of 37.4%.

HR Tech

With the increase in remote jobs, the emphasis will be on HR technology and process being more systematic with automation. It will also tether to employee experience (EX) or employee acquaintance, which will be the slogan in the future, typically bringing out remote employees’ practices to the forefront. Businesses will be concentrating much more on employee acquaintance as this will be the benchmark to measure their accomplishment and brand status. The main focus is to enhance the HR department‘s effectiveness by releasing employees from boring manual errands and letting them focus on compound tasks like decision-making and organizing.

Distributed Cloud

Cloud-based technology is one more domain that saw an increase during the epidemic. Amid this, a new trend prophesied is the distributed cloud — with cloud services distributed rendering to their geographical position.  This technology has many rewards together with less dormancy, lesser expenses, and physical proximity. This technology lets businesses run public cloud set-up in multiple different places – not only on your cloud provider’s infrastructure but on-premises, in other cloud providers’ data centers, or third-party data centers or colocation centers – and manage everything.