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We are a global provider of end-to-end software development services. We help clients across the world use modern technology to transform challenges into lasting business value, operational efficiency, and revenue growth. With an international team of over 200 tech experts, we offer tech consulting, engineering, data, and team augmentation services. Since our inception in 2012, we have worked with numerous industry leaders and innovative startups, creating value across diverse sectors like media, telecommunications, gaming, fintech, and beyond. As a company, we are driven by a passion for advancing society through technology. We therefore also invest heavily in research and development and collaborate closely with entrepreneurs and startups to build innovative tech solutions to life.

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Meet Our Core Team

Sakib Mirza

Sakib Mirza

Chief Executive Officer


Passionate about driving innovation and growth, Sakib brings over 15 years of expertise in Technology Solutions. His career journey spans across a multitude of sectors, including Logistics, E-Commerce Technology, Media and Broadcast Solutions, and Software Product Development. With a proven track record in shaping Product and Business strategies,he leads the Vodworks team of 150+ expert developers.


Jaffer Kazim

VP Operations (Middle East and Americas)


Working in tech for more than 20 years, Jaffer went from cultivating best-in-class code as a software engineer to providing strategic direction and leadership as a VP of Operations. He serves as a driver of transformation and change with a strong focus on continuous improvement and exceptional client service in order to ensure success.


Alex Dragos Cercel

VP Operations (Europe)


With more than 15 years of experience in tech and management, Alex specialises in nurturing and scaling early-stage businesses and strategically guiding these companies through their pivotal growth phases. Alex excels in maintaining seamless processes from employee management to customer success and client relationship management, using his expertise to propel companies through each crucial stage of development towards sustained success. Now he is in charge of building Vodworks’ development teams across Europe.


Phoumipol (Dee) Mea

VP Operations (Southeast Asia)


With a strong background in management and leadership, Dee has spent the past decade driving growth and success in tech. Whether it's developing cutting-edge solutions for the Fintech and web3 industry or leading high-performing teams, Dee is always looking for new ways to deliver top results to Vodworks clients. He is comfortable in expanding a startup from a local to a regional scale. Turning a creative vision into reality, and the comfort in the initial stages often comes from the passion and excitement of pursuing something new and meaningful.


John Baqar

Commercial Director


With over 40 years in sales and marketing at various leadership levels, a solid investment background and extensive expertise in the Media & Entertainment industry having worked with large blue chips such as WPP, SKY, BT, Sony Pictures and many others along the way, John is responsible for building and overseeing the Sales department at Vodworks, effectively managing customer relationships, growth and shaping the strategic direction of the business.


Janna De Vos

Marketing Director


With over a decade of experience in marketing, product, and strategy roles in the high-growth tech industry, Janna has a strong track record of team leadership, launching B2C and B2B products, and contributing to the growth of Southeast Asia's leading tech companies. Now, she leads Vodworks' marketing strategies, promoting its services and products, and is helping propel Vodworks towards its next phase of business.

Hussain ALi

Hussain Ali

Pre-Sales and Solutions Director


With over 16 years of expertise, Hussain is a distinguished professional in full stack, mobile, game, and blockchain development. As a solution architect, he excels in pre-sales, displaying a strong inclination towards innovative strategies. Hussain has significantly impacted the gaming industry, contributing to both 2D and 3D games. Beyond coding, he actively shapes entire game narratives, including mechanics and story development. Dedicated to solving intricate challenges, he crafts meticulous technical proposals for Request for Proposals (RFPs), ensuring seamless integration of technology and business objectives.


Abdul Qayyum

Architect & Technical Director


With more than 17 years in software development, Abdul is a Software Architect has extensive expertise in Java, Big Data, AI/ML, and Blockchain technologies. His main role is to deliver strong architecture for back-end and middleware solutions to our clients across diverse business domains, including Telco, E-commerce, Blockchain, Media Streaming, Social Apps, and IoT.


Kostya Kashpur

Engineering Manager


Kostya is an engineering manager with 15 years of hands-on experience in the software development industry. Over the years, he's been leading multicultural and multinational teams, releasing and controlling team`s deliverables, code reviews, guiding the professional and technical development of team members, and actively contributing to the recruitment process.


Karoly Stier

Senior Project Manager


Karoly is adept at implementing agile BI solutions to enhance efficiency, reliability, and transparency across diverse business settings. With over 20 years in IT management using Enterprise level platforms, he specialises in customising business procedures, managing teams, and excels in communication. His core expertise lies in IBM systems, making him Vodworks' go-to authority for scaling solutions from department to enterprise levels.


Nadiya Stetsyshyn

Head of HR Vodworks (Europe)


As a Human Resources expert with over 10 years of experience in the dynamic field of strategic human resources planning and management, Nadiya is responsible for employee retention, staff development, employee relations, HR policies development, organisational development, and change management. With a proven track record of navigating the intricacies of the modern workplace, Nadiya is adept at crafting and implementing strategic initiatives that enhance human capital capabilities and foster a positive organisational culture.

Umer Farooq

Head of HR Vodworks (Asia)


Over 15+ years in HR, Umer has become a professional skilled in both technical and non-technical Talent Acquisition, as well as HR Operations. Dedicated to building high-performing teams and fostering inclusivity in the workplace, he believes in the vital role of engaged and empowered employees for a thriving work environment. As Head of HR Vodworks in Asia, Umer is responsible for talent acquisition initiatives, boosting performance and promoting inclusive workplace culture.

Our Story

Our mission is simple yet profound: we aim to revolutionise the world by building technology that improves lives and safeguards the planet. What sets us apart is our commitment to authenticity and embracing innovation without any pretense. We take pride in our inclusive team, working as one across departments, countries, cultures, and clients. With a true customer-centric approach, we're not just developers, but partners in your software success.

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Our Values


Keep it real

We’re all about honesty, integrity, and transparency here. No fancy talk or hidden agendas, just straight-up truthfulness in everything we do. We believe in treating others as we would like to be treated ourselves, with respect and authenticity.


Embrace the new

We’re always pushing boundaries, challenging ourselves, and exploring new ideas. We believe that innovation comes from curiosity and a willingness to learn, grow, and adapt. So, we never stop listening and learning, and we never stop striving to be better.


Tech enthusiasts at heart

We’re passionate about technology, and we believe it has the power to change the world. We love nothing more than getting stuck into the latest trends, exploring new tools and techniques, and helping our clients stay ahead of the game.


Teamwork makes the dream work

We’re a diverse and inclusive bunch, spread across departments, countries, and cultures. But no matter where we are or what we do, we’re united by a common goal: to support each other and work together to achieve great things.


Come together as a community

We believe people are the backbone of any great community. We take our commitment to our communities very seriously, both inside and outside of our company, and we do whatever we can to support our communities.


Customers first, always

We’re customer-focused to our core, and we believe the delivering quality work and building strong relationships is key to success. We never lose sight of our clients’ needs and priorities, and we’re always looking for ways to exceed their expectations and earn their trust.

Our Partners

Vodworks unique partnership program focuses on utilizing partner strengths to uplevel what we can provide to our own clients as well as our partners.


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Our Offices

We operate from offices spanning the globe, our major hubs are strategically located in the UK, Ukraine, Romania, Pakistan, and Cambodia. This allows us to serve clients across time-zones and across budget requirements.

We have more than 150 highly-skilled technical staff working for and with us globally. If we do not yet have the talent in house, we have a strong network to hire quickly and globally based on the client’s needs.

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