Providing end-to-end disruptive blockchain services and support to businesses in order to help them unlock their full potential.

At Vodworks, we have a passionate blockchain expert team working hard to make the world a better place by collaborating with enterprises and companies and addressing their technological challenges. We help with the implementation of productive blockchain solutions designed to solve complex problems and optimize the business process without compromising on quality.

Empowering Businesses With Our Blockchain Solutions


For Vodworks, business success and technological developments are at the forefront, with extensive experience we transform ideas into highly successful and powerful technology solutions that optimize existing processes.

blockchain services

Expert Consultancy

Our experts identify blockchain loopholes and uncover different possibilities for leveraging Blockchain solutions. The blockchain enthusiasts working at Vodworks have a strong understanding of multiple frameworks, ensuring a high level of security and mobility.

Smart Platforms

Our blockchain technology solutions are developed to deliver smart management platforms for secure and reliable exchange interfaces, applications, and multiple platforms such as wallets and cryptocurrencies.

End-To-End Services

We’ve got you covered, whether it’s designing an interactive frontend UI or a robust backend Blockchain-based application, we have answers to all your needs. Our end-to-end blockchain expertise covers a wide spectrum of services ranging from advisory, consulting to platform services.

Customized Software

We offer custom-tailored and complete software solutions for creating and implementing customized blockchain that follows high standards of security.

Blockchain Deployment

We provide cutting-edge Blockchain development solutions tailored to your business goals while the development of Decentralized Applications (DAPPs).

Enterprise Blockchain Application

The development of blockchain-based business applications helps enterprises to collaborate efficiently in a secured network, resulting in lower levels of risks, fraud, and data tampering. Our blockchain-based solutions for your business make your workflow efficient, processes transparent, and keep barriers at a bay.

Cloud Services

Blockchain applications allow businesses to easily integrate with cloud platforms that drive the transformative approach and engagements.


Blockchain Solutions
Development Process

  • Clarification Of Needs

Identification and collection of initial requirements, assessment of the industry, and basic timeframe are set for the implementation of the blockchain solution.

  • Strategy And Conceptualization

Our blockchain experts collaborate with the technical department and business analysts to design a strategy that meets your business objective. They are responsible for identifying risks, creating initial project architecture, clickable prototype, and final development proposal.

  • Design And Development

The development team track progress of the blockchain solution to identify problems and ensure efficient performance which will help you achieve high levels of efficiency and technological revolution.

  • Support Services

Quality assurance tests validate the success of the blockchain solutions making sure it is ready for launch. We provide continuous support and maintenance services to ensure its success.



The world’s first white-label blockchain-based game on the Ethereum network. Using the nahmii scaling protocol, game operators will be able to offer truly tradeable in-game currency and cross-platform loyalty with interoperability and fee predictability.



Project HoneyBee

A 360 commerce and marketing platform for the South East Asian market. Integrating e-commerce, digital wallets, and logistics, a truly immersive ecosystem that offers unbanked consumers a truly integrated online digital service.

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