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Our dedicated R&D team is on a mission to use blockchain and web3 technologies to address real challenges across traditional and non-traditional sectors by removing the complexities of web3 and streamlining it's adoption process.

Web3 Development Services We Perform


Web3 Digital Asset Management

Vodworks develops unique and new methods of utilising web3 digital assets for a variety of traditional industries, enabling your business to leverage the web3 technology, whilst also removing the complexity of blockchain for your business and its customers.



Our Web3 software consulting services focus on helping clients make well-informed technology investments. Leveraging the expertise and experience of our team, we guide you through all aspects of Web3 software development from technical strategy to technology implementation.


Innovation Adoption

The transition from Web2 to Web3, or even partial implementation of Web3 technology, like many other innovative shifts, faces obstacles in grasping this complex technology. Innovation adoption can empower your business to conquer these challenges and seamlessly enter the market.


Web3 Monetization

Vodworks enables its customers to embrace this new technology to create new methods of engaging your audience, building new relationships with your users, developing new revenues and increasing your ARPU's.


Payment Orchestration Solutions

Vodworks utilises the advantages of the blockchain technology combining multi-custody wallets and on/off ramp solutions to create innovative new ways to receive and distribute payments.

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Our enterprise web3 digital asset management platform

Engage your audience

Seamlessly launch existing web3 digital assets for your customers to collect, sell, and trade

Grow your revenue

Discover new and unique ways to use web3 digital assets to boost your revenue

Stay safe and compliant

Achieve compliance with our custom user onboarding and web3 wallet solutions

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Our Value-Driven Web3 Development Process


Project Mapping

Creating a visual diagram to ensure every member of the team shares a common understanding and to organise the priorities of your Web3 project.


Technical Design

Creating a detailed system design based on the requirements gathered, including architectural design, database design, interface design, and other technical specifications.



Transforming the design into a functional software application by preparing the technical environment, building the systems, integrating and testing, and handling errors and exceptions.



Verifying that the developed software meets the specified requirements and functions as intended with unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and user acceptance testing.



Deploying the software to the production environment. This phase involves activities like installation, configuration, data migration, and user training.


Maintenance and Support

Regularly monitoring, updating, and enhancing the software to address issues, add new features, and ensure ongoing functionality and performance.

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Why Choose Us as Your Web3 Development Company

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Cost efficiency

We work closely with you through every stage of the development process, making sure we tackle risks and set your technology investments up for success

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Business focus

We support your business from ideation to launch, offering tailored solutions for your projects needs.

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We implement security measures during the software development process to ensure that the software can withstand attacks.

Web3 Software Development FAQ

Do you collaborate with startups for software development projects?


Yes, our expert team collaborates closely with startups, helping them navigate the technical landscape, build scalable and market-ready software, and bring their vision to life.

Our startup software development services & solutions:

  • MVP & Rapid POC's
  • Investment & Incubation
  • Mobile & Web App Development
  • Team Augmentation
  • Project Rescue
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Is on-demand developer availability among your offerings in software development?


We provide you with on-demand engineers whether you need additional resources for ongoing projects or specific expertise, without the overhead or complication of traditional hiring processes within our staff augmentation service.

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Who owns the IP of my application code/will I own the source code?


As our client, you retain full ownership of the source code, ensuring that you have the autonomy and control over your intellectual property throughout and beyond the development process.

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In what industries can Web3 technology be implemented?


Web3 technology finds applications across various industries. In Retail marketing Web3 can help create engaging experiences with interactive gamification and collaborative loyalty. Within improving online streaming security Web3 technologies help safeguard content with digital subscription rights, control access, and provide global reach. Web3 Gaming is another direction of using this technology to reshape in-game interactions, monetize with tradable assets, and foster active participation in the gaming community. These are just some examples of where web3 technology makes sense however there will of course be use cases where it doesn’t. Contact us to learn more.

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How do you overcome challenges of Web3 as it's still emerging?


Navigating the dynamic Web3 landscape presents challenges, and our strategy involves continuous adaptation to emerging developments. Our R&D department helps anticipate and proactively address potential issues. Our products and solutions are designed with flexibility to seamlessly accommodate changes, and implement Web3 technologies alongside Web2 to maximise the fit.

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