Compliance and Security Software Development

Software development solutions to help your business navigate regulatory environments and adhere to local and international standards of compliance in data management and financial transactions

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Compliance and Security Industry Solutions

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GDPR and Data Compliance

Our team is well-versed in GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) implementation, ensuring your entire business remains compliant with data protection requirements and the protection of personal data.

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e-KYC and AML Implementation

We offer identity verification and management solutions that integrate the newest technologies, including facial recognition, password recognition, and multi-factor authentication, to help your business maintain trust and security

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Regulatory Reporting

We help you streamline your business reporting processes, automating data collection and analysis to guarantee compliance and operational efficiency across the board

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Transaction Monitoring and Screening

We design systems for monitoring transactions and conducting screenings for potentially suspicious activities, providing support to help you in your efforts to fight against money laundering and fraudulent behaviour

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Data and BI Solutions

We provide secure and compliant data services tailored to meet your compliance and security needs, ensuring your business gains access to critical insights that can drive operational efficiency and informed decision-making

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Web3 Compliance

We offer consulting and implementation services for web3 compliance, ensuring your web3 strategy and execution align with both local and international regulatory requirements

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Why Choose Us For Your Project

Extensive compliance expertise

Our team of seasoned cyber security professionals help you to achieve compliance with PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GDPS, and ISO 27001 standards, ensuring your data security and regulatory requirements are met

Specilised software security

We have +10 years experience building robust and secure software platforms, tailored for clients handling the most sensitive personal and financial data, guaranteeing the best protection for your critical information

Customised solutions following best practices

Based on your unique needs, we design and build tailored security solutions that align with your requirements and industry best practices, ensuring comprehensive protection and compliance

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