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Vodworks is invested in innovation and creating more products to help our customers drive their brands further than ever before

VIDSCAPE – Targeted Advertising

With the recent growth of online video advertising , Vodworks are building tools that allow television operators to understand audiences better and deliver more targeted ads increasing ad revenues significantly

VIDSCAPE – Customer Loyalty Management

Vodworks will be introducing new customer loyalty management tools to the VidScape platform to increase help operators drive customer acquisition

VIDSCAPE – Marketing Automation Tools

Vodworks believes reporting on data is not enough on its own and so we are developing our own set of intelligent marketing tools that automatically promote decisions based on data to television operators



Utilising the VidScape platform, Vodworks are working with augmented reality solutions to drive more unique user viewing experiences. We firmly believe that users should be driven to content without having to physically engage with an interface. This is the future of the TV experience

Live Location Analytics

Vodworks is creating tools that utilise both customer engagement data and their geo location to push relevant content to a user in real time