Create a world of unlimited possibilities with our data-rich platforms and location-based solutions designed to deliver customer-centric experiences.

Vodworks is the leading location-based service provider in the UK offering assistance to numerous companies and businesses to create unbeatable yet personalized customer experiences. Our location-based solutions are designed using the most advanced technologies and Internet-based devices allowing us to exceed your expectations every single time. With our innovative technologies, we provide in-depth and real-time information ready to be applied in your area of expertise. Having years of experiences, we developed indoor as well as outdoor navigation services and integrating them with digital solutions, we provide a single platform to collect, analyze and review all the necessary information.

Smart Solutions Tailored To
Meet Your Specific Needs

Accelerate the entire product and process development process, freeing management resources and enhancing organizational flexibility while minimizing cost by leveraging our in-house experienced engineering team.


Location Platform Development

We help all our clients in developing versatile location architectures that cover a wide spectrum of industries and allow them to offer personalized cost-effective services.

Immediate Access

Our location-based solutions are designed keeping in mind the time-specific requirements, using the most advanced technologies and Internet-based devices we offer timely and location-specific data allowing our clients to take action.


Our location-based solutions build multi-layer data platforms that support the technological ecosystem of various industries such as agriculture, advertising, healthcare, weather, traffic, tourist and vehicle theft. Our location based solutions are being used in proximity-based marketing, roadside assistance, travel information, workforce management, fraud prevention and many more.

High Levels Of Accuracy

Vodworks’ location based apps deliver a higher rate of accuracy, reliability and real-time data. Our solutions are fault proof and use geo-based software, guaranteeing the accuracy of the statistics.