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User Experience & Discovery MARKETING & ANALYTICS

VidScape Analytics is a powerful data insights module that gives operators more metrics on data to help make better decisions on their service as well as content.


Understanding the user

VidScape has preset over 40 groups of data on your service which can easily be cross referenced against each other. This powerful multi-dimensional analysis gives operators greater insights and understanding on their users’ interactions, behaviour and level of engagement to achieve improved decision making.

Audience Segmentation

VidScape analytics has been designed around marketeers. Our analytics tools allow operators to effectively segment audience by criteria such as geography, demographics, content engagement patterns and much more, and further target marketing communications more effectively.

Scaling Analytics

VidScape analytics has been developed using Cassandra database technology. The biggest advantages for this strategy is being able to add new data points quickly and easily. Further to this we can to scale our analytics seamlessly from a small user base to large number of users..

Custom reporting

Unlike many other analytics platforms, VidScape has flexibility built in, allowing operators to define additional data points and target reports and add them quickly. Utilising our experience in both OTT and technology industries, Vodworks works with its clients to better identify what data points will drive better decision making.