Driving greater revenues in media through technology & innovation


Vodworks has a rich background in the media industry, we offer expert advice to bring you on top of your game through software development and system integration.

We love to redefine the world of technologies, software and applications while improving the overall functionality. Our extensive knowledge and expertise allow us to cover a wide spectrum of media technologies, ensuring the best digital solution that drives business to success. We take pride in our strong capability for designing and developing robust software using the latest technologies. Vodworks is committed to building successful partnerships with businesses to create an innovative culture along with system integration services.

Media Solutions Accelerator


At Vodworks, we aim at delivering an efficient range of support services guaranteed to bring high levels of growth to tech and media businesses. We are a software house with years of knowledge and experience for media software design and development.

Expert Consultancy

Vodworks has been working in collaboration with various media and digital industry leaders for numerous years, making us your number one choice for all kinds of media software solutions. We offer consultancy services allowing businesses to solve their major issues and problems by our bespoke digital solutions.

Software Design

Vodworks is a software designing agency at its core, having years of experience in the media industry, we provide solutions to solve media industry challenges through utilizing our technological platforms. Only we have the talent to meet every detail and customer requirements to produce bespoke software that assures better integrated ecosystem.

Platform Development

Vodworks designs innovative, customer-oriented and custom interfaces for the entertainment industry. Our platforms and applications are designed to cover a wide spectrum of mediums while delivering intuitive and omni-channel user experiences

Multiscreen OTT Apps

We specialize in developing custom OTT-based applications meeting the needs of media companies. Our comprehensive suite of OTT services manages workflow, cross-platform analytics, app marketing and deliver web solutions capable of running on multiple screens, resulting in highly scalable and intuitive experiences.


Operational System Integration


The design team at Vodworks has experience in creating different types of apps and

Media companies are facing more than ever the challenging and ever-changing landscape of technological advancements, we leverage the best collaboration between existing and new technological systems. We build best of breed solutions with flexibility so our clients don’t have technology lock in

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A fully featured content management, monetization and multiscreen OTT delivery platform designed to empower media and advertising industry through innovative technology and integrations.

Clients include