Mobile App Design Cost

Mobile App Design Cost: What’s the Price of UI/UX Design?

If you want your product or mobile app to be famous – then you have to pay attention to providing a good design based on user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). A striking interface prompts the user to install your app. Stylish UX design will let the users connect with your business. Furthermore, you will get strong app engagement, customer loyalty, and retention.

If the app’s design helps to convert users into long-term customers – then it’s helping the business to succeed and remain competitive. Companies know that developing a high-level mobile app design is of great value. Nevertheless, the costs involved will still stand as an important question. Thus, let’s tell you how much it is going to cost to build a good mobile app design.

Design Process Length

The more the traits, the lengthier it will take to design. And, the more it will cost. Furthermore, the design length also depends on:

  • Complexity
  • Cross-platform, progressive web app
  • Native Android or iOS app
  • Company-specific needs
  • Prototype
  • Designers’ expertise and skills
  • Business Specific Requirements

A business has to design an app based on users’ requirements and goals. The designer has to understand that the app design has to have user and company requirements, and industry-based competitor analysis. Remember, your niche competition will play an important role in the design process.

The user-flow illustrations for every screen show the app’s functionality. The number and intricacy of screens focus on the functionality of the mobile app. Thus, the extra screens an app has, the more the designer will have to work and will impact costs.

UX Design & Prototyping

Now the designer will need to focus on user interaction. The easy-to-use navigation, mobile usability, general app esthetics, and features that can intrigue the user – all fall under this step. For this role, only a certified UI/UX designer is hired with platform-specific expertise. They will focus on wireframes, sketches, buttons, labels, and many other such features.

The Start To End Phase

The prototype needs user testing to ensure that the app is competent enough to be deployed. The QA team will need to ensure that the application is error and bug-free. Furthermore, the prototype will also be tested for platform specifications and user interactions. Some of you may feel that prototype testing is unnecessary. However, this step helps in saving time and costs. This testing phase allows the identification of the essential components and helps to modify the product while saving funds. 

Platforms Impact Costs

It is a major cost-defining factor. Every operating system has a set of rules which certify the interface appears and looks like the OS. iOS or Android devices have separate OS, and the designer should be conversant about the Apple Store or Play Store design procedures. The designer can be pixel-perfect for a limited range of iOS devices. But, for Android, it will be difficult because there are a lot of devices and the OS is also fragmented.

User Interface Design

The creative experience of the designer is based on the unique visuals and styles that come in from a seamless market understanding. The deliverables around design include interactive patterns, unique color schemes, and shapes. For a native user interface design, you have to follow the mobile platform guidelines.

A custom UI is formed from scrape via unique styles, graphic elements, and non-typical UI essentials to look more attractive and exclusive. Therefore, a modified app design will be ready in about 100 hours than a native app design. If you may need some animation or an additional set of icons – the cost will increase.

Designers Toolkit Also Add To The Cost

To create a mockup the designer will use various tools. Normally a sketch it’s used to do the needful. If you’re looking to get the application to be ready – then you’ll need to have a project-based setup with an IT company. This will involve project managers, a QA team, expert UI/UX designers, and platform-specific developers. This team of experts will work on design, build, test, and then later release your mobile app on Google Play Store or Apples’ App Store. 

Closing Thoughts 

The below estimation is for an MVP – a minimum viable product for one platform.

Task                                                                        Estimated time to complete
Competitive analysis and user research                                      20-40 hours
User experience design and prototyping                                      60-100 hours
User interface design                                                                          50-80 hours
App logo and icon design                                                                   20-30 hours
Total                                                                                                 154-300 hours

The designer will still work after the deployment of the application. Various feedbacks, bugs, or technology requirements may come in. Thus, the usability testing will continue if new updates or requirements are requested by the users.

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