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Marketing & Analytics

User Experience & Discovery


VidScape Multiscreen is a platform agnostic “off the shelf” ecosystem of consumer facing applications designed to be highly customisable whilst maintaining rapid delivery to the market.




Vodworks has developed consumer facing applications for television companies and operators globally. We have taken this experience and expertise and created a “ready to go” framework of user interfaces and user applications on a wide range of television platforms

What we develop on

Smart TV




Set-top-box & Console

Augmented Reality

User Interface Design

Vodworks has delivered user interfaces that are used by millions of viewers globally. Our expert design team analyse market trends to understand the best way to get users from entry to content as intuitively as possible.

Vodworks prides itself on thinking innovatively and constantly introducing new navigation ideas for both our clients and products to create the ultimate user experience.

We develop beautiful user interfaces that are optimised for technology platforms across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Set-top-box (STB), Smart TV and games consoles.

Speed to market

Utilising VidScape’s “off the shelf” apps, customisations can easily be made to ensure the user’s experience is defined for their target market and audience without needing to develop tools from scratch.

Vodworks can deliver proof of concepts or complete go live applications within budget and market leading turnaround times.