Vodworks is passionate about the technology and TV industry. We are both financially and technologically invested in building more innovation for our respective markets. Vodworks recognises that there are many companies in our industry that deliver fantastic solutions and that sometimes it is better not to ?reinvent the wheel?. We see ourselves as not only contributing to our customers, but our partners and the industry as a whole.


How we can work together?


Your brand, your customers + Vodworks’ expertise, technology and services. Leverage your existing sales channels and upsell expert technology services and consulting.


Combine your proprietary technology with our SI and consulting services, our technology delivery capability and our global reach. Increase customer opportunities as well as revenues.


Scaling technical operations is complicated, costly and time consuming. Utilise Vodworks’ experience in successfully building international software teams to scale yours so you can focus on your business more effectively,


We believe in innovation and are constantly looking at opportunties to partner in new products. If you have a product idea and are looking for a strategic technical and commercial partner, contact us.

Our existing partners