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Technologies used

Java, PHP, iOS, Android


Customer Site

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Founded in 2014, Customer Connect entered the customer loyalty market with the single aim of delivering a technology platform that enabled small to medium businesses drive customer acquisition, repeat business and product engagement that was only available to the largest businesses.

Solutions and Result

Customer Connect enrolled Vodworks as their commercial and technology partner for creating a solution that brought together a fragmented digital market in one hub for businesses to manage and promote customer loyalty.

With such a comprehensive and powerful solution being required, Vodworks worked with Customer Connect to plan out a product development strategy that allowed a systematic entry to the market with a tight control on budgets without delaying customer onboarding.

The solution was a cloud based web platform that supported a range of functionality in the form of rewards, surveys, vouchers, creating social, email and text campaigns as well as integrations into a range of POS and Ecommerce platforms. Also included were iOS and Android consumer facing mobile applications.

Vodworks successfully delivered the solution using the agile development and delivery model with ongoing support and feature development.

Customer Connect has successfully entered the market and has a customer base of over 300 which is growing rapidly day by day.