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VidScape Service Manager, VidScape Multiscreen, VidScape Analytics


Technologies used

Java, HTML 5, AngularJS


Customer Site

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Founded in 2001, Reel One develops, finances, produces and distributes commercial television films and television series for major broadcasters around the world. With offices in North America and Europe, they specialise in scripted dramatic content with strong universal appeal. They consistently produce and distribute high quality programming that is considered among the best in its niche.

As part of a new initiative, ROE wanted to release an online VOD service targeted at an older audience in not only content but user experience too.

Solutions and Result

Vodworks was selected to help develop both the user experience concept as well as deliver the full end-to-end technology platform to drive their global streaming service.

The target market was an audience that had less technical proficiency so created an extremely easy to use single page web application with a user experience that incorporated the typical searching methods of this target audience.

Following completion of this user interface concepts, Vodworks deployed both VidScape Service Manager, Multiscreen and Analytics products as the technology layer driving video and content management, monetisation and analytics for this unique service.

Vodworks working in partnership with Reel One Entertainment successfully deployed the MyTVMovies.com VOD service in both North American and European markets concurrently. ROE is now supporting a growing subscriber base as well as managing significant interest from global content partners in this uniquely targeted VOD service.

Client Remarks

“We At Reel One Are Extremely Satisfied With The Results Of Our New VOD Platform. Vodworks Has Exceeded Our Expectations With Their Expertise, Service And Flexibility. Furthermore They Delivered A Solution That Allows To Genuinely Compete In The Extremely Competitive Market Of VOD! Our Website Was Delivered On Time And All Of Our Requests Were Taken Into Consideration. Of Course, This Is A Living Project And We Look Forward To Continue Working And Growing With Vodworks!”

VP of Distribution, Reel One Entertainment