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Product & Software Development PRODUCT & SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT

Vodworks is company full of product developers, and we view every solution that we develop as a product. As we have done with our own products, we help businesses to plan both globally and commercially, develop and take technology products to market successfully in the shortest delivery time and minimum cost.

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Product Strategy

The Product Management team at Vodworks has a high level of commercial acumen and expertise for development and marketing of products in a multitude of industries. We work with our client to understand the commercial objectives of their solution or product, and contribute at every stage of the product planning phase. Vodworks develops it’s own products in house so we have an in-depth understanding of what is involved in taking an idea or concept to development and then to market.

As our client’s development partner, we make every effort to ensure your product is not only delivered accurately and on time, but is a successful market proposition as well.



Vodworks is not only well tooled in a wide variety of technologies, but also understands the advantages of each. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality applications by utilising best of breed technology. Vodworks specialise in mobile, web and television platform development so no matter what your requirements, we can support your technical strategies.


Development Flexibility

Vodworks understands that many initiatives and features within your product may not be realised until later within the project. Similarly, during longer development timelines, requirements need to maintain flexibility to keep up with changing market conditions. For this reason, we utilise the agile development philosophy to it’s fullest degree. This gives our customers the greatest flexibility to review completed features at several short checkpoints during the project allowing for changes to be made easily and efficiently, and further ensuring more accurate and effective end product.

We also use advanced tools to assist with project collaboration, management and visibility, ensuring our clients are always deeply involved with their products and their investments.


As our client’s development partner, Vodworks’ involvement in their products does not simply end when the first release is complete. We pride ourselves on being a proactive product development partner, and so we continue our engagement with our clients to ensure their product is successful. Typically we will not only just support our clients with maintenance and development of future product releases, but we also participate in customer and user analysis, sales & marketing, investment strategies and future product planning.


Our objective is to promote a seamless extension from our client’s stake holders to the commercial and technical teams at Vodworks fulfilling a truly unilateral relationship.