The perfect way to start a world changing idea is to check its feasibility with a proof of concept.

Having a concept is just the beginning, whereas, to prove its practicality a proof of concept is required. Our proof of concept service secures the development of the resources by rapidly validating the functional use of the idea. At Vodworks, we work together with the solution architects and business analysts who focus on the application of the core concept to give assurance while minimizing the risks. Our expert teams join forces with your management and IT teams to carry out a rapid concept testing before investing in a full-scale solution.

Type of Proof of Concepts



This is essentially a static non-functional POC. Your application is designed by our expert UI/UX team and put together in a way that provides the user with a feeling of interactivity, without actually being functional. This is a solution if you need fast and low cost results without the need for detailed functionality.





The hybrid POC is the most common option our clients select. We receive your objectives and requirements and we build parttially functional applications that prove your core concept whilst demonstrating features from your longer term roadmap in a more limiuted capacity. This is perfect if you are in the initial stages of funding.


Fully Functional


This POC model is a fully functional application, typically including both user experiences as well as a backend / server side application. This typically chose when your are looking to pilot your application directly with end users. This is a great option if you want to test your product on market before making larger investments.



Empower Your Business With
Our Proof Of Concept Services


Vodworks works side by side your business goals, the scope of project and availability of resources to build a speedy idea testing feasibility report.

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Rapid Turnaround Time

The most important element of any concept testing and development is the rapid pace at which the feasibility report is presented. Vodworks’ expert team builds the quickest proof of concept using the agile methodology.

Risk Free Way


Our proof of concept is the best possible way to check the application of a new idea or solution with a focus on maximizing results while lowering risks. Gain complete peace of mind by testing concepts prior to making the full investment.

Guaranteeing Success


Our solution development and testing highlights all the potential practical, functional, logistical and technical issues with the concept which would have hinder success rate, acting as an excellent tool to forecast feasibility.

Unlimited Possibilities


At Vodworks, we believe in opening up numerous opportunities for companies struggling to get a feasibility report about the upcoming product from users.


Proof Of Concept Process


Vodworks offers effective service to businesses in order to help them launch their upcoming idea, product or service in a hassle-free manner.

Technical Design And Testing


It all begins with a rapid analysis of the technology available, its ability to perform the required tasks and testing its compatibility.

Prototype Development


The testing report is a powerful tool to build the test case needed to carry out the project evaluation successfully. The pilot demonstrates the potential functionality, practicability and usability of the concept and its ability to integrate with the existing system.

Pilot Development


A complete pilot system is developed and tested on a focused group with an aim to provide insights into its performance and areas of improvements.