Rapid Proof of Concepts (Pocs/MVPs)

Nowadays, investors need more than an idea and PowerPoint presentation. Our team has helped more than 70 companies build a proof of concept that has secured initial funding of $10M+. Vodworks helps business owners validate their idea, and rapidly build a solution you can show investors in hand. From design to deployment, to investor readiness sheets and presentations - we help business owners secure funding to push their projects farther.

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From design to deployment, and ongoing performance improvements, we are your one-stop shop to get your product from idea to live in production. Build native ios/android apps to reach your audience directly. Or develop a robust eCommerce website. No matter your needs, our 120+ staff of expert product engineering teams can ensure you have one point man from start to finish and beyond!

Functional, Speedy, Practical

Our team can build a functional prototype for your business, and even white-label your test project, so it will be indistinguishable from the real thing. We support all types of products, from predictive analytics to artificial intelligence.

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Fintech & Blockchain

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Augmented Teams & Developers

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Product Engineering

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Rapid Proof of Concepts (Pocs/MVPs)

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Media Solutions

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E-commerce, Logistics, and Loyalty

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UI/UX Design

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Mobile App Development

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Business Intelligence + AI

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