Empowering pedestrians with a new way to navigate their favorite city with unique features, all designed to ease the entire navigation process while avoid traveling misadventures. An app dedicated to making life easier for pedestrians, via continuous integration and deployment, the Strydr application not only provides detours and routes to destinations but also helps individuals plan trips.

No matter your destination, Strydr offers a simple, elegant interface with mapping options covering areas spread all across the globe. It allows the user to customize by saving the current location for quicker directions, reducing unexpected delays, road closures and daily walking hassles. Strydr gives in-depth, real-time road information to make individuals aware of their surroundings while the pointer continuously directs the way to the destination, even without any data connection. It utilizes an overlap compass and polylines to provide directions towards their selected destinations.



An extremely popular navigation app that offers a unique combination of features allowing an individual to enjoy the walk rather than stress on finding a route.

  • Distinctive capability to create detours, creating custom bookmarks.
  • Advance planning of trips available for users.
  • It works efficiently no matter the data connectivity signals, providing efficient online as well as offline navigation.
  • The continuous pointer is always present to guide the user towards their destination.
  • Can be used to offer location-based advertisements.