The New Normal Trend Of Remote Workforce

The COVID-19 epidemic has imposed thousands of businesses to let their staff work remotely. Nevertheless, many of these companies might not be as technically equipped for the situation as they thought. The advancement of digital technology has made working from home workable for numerous job roles nowadays. The remote workforce inclination shows no signs of slackening anytime in the near future as well. At least till we get a vaccination in place to overcome the pandemic effects.

Technology Helped In This Shift

The shift became swift and easy based on virtual private networks (VPNs), cloud computing, and audiovisual conferencing tools that ensure that staff can work efficiently even when away from the organization. However, countless firms have been unenthusiastic to allow their teams to work remotely. Conceivably there are trust issues at a show or possible technical challenges are proving impossible, or maybe it lingers too much of a cultural shift for a number of employers to admit.

Nonetheless in March, the discussion over whether to allow staff to work remotely reached a conclusive decision. The eruption of COVID-19 saw governments everywhere the world regulating employers to permit their staff to work from home wherever it was conceivable to do or not. In the face of a global pandemic and the thousands of bereavements it will cause, businesses were not given a choice – if employees can work remotely, they must be allowed to do so.


The Imperious Rapidity Of Remote Work Implementation

The decision did catch some companies unexpectedly. However, many of the digital technologies required to simplify home working have been around for a while, executing them at scale is not always forthright. Security issues may get in the path, and that’s before the social and emotional damages are measured. Letting one-person work from home may be candid, but suddenly forcing entire businesses to do so can cause difficulties. Even though there are challenges that come with employing and establishing a remote workforce, the truth is working with a remote team might end up being one of the finest decisions you could make for your company.


Advantages Of A Remote Force As Your Backup

At Vodworks we’ve been hiring remote workers for over a decade for our clients. And the main benefit that they all state is that by having a remote staff, we can also work remotely and stay a digital nomad. Let us share some of the most highlighted advantages of this shift that all of our clients quote to you below. You’ll no doubt find advantages worth exploring, however, today consider the following.


Remote Workers Are Extra Productive

The remote staff gets more done in less time letting them start new projects, devote more time doing what’s working, and eventually convalesce your bottom line. There are a few reasonable aspects to this. Remote workers have a tendency to be more productive because:


  • They don’t need to travel to work.
  • They can complete work on a timely bases.
  • They aren’t preoccupied with their colleagues.
  • They can have breaks when they need them.
  • Their timetable is more flexible.
  • They are self-driven.

Moreover, according to a study piloted by the University of Illinois, telecommuters have a habit of going above and beyond the call of duty to be well-behaved citizens and give a little extra to the businesses they’re salaried for.


You Get To Draw From A Grander Talent Pool

If your business is concerned with your locality, you’re going to be slightly restricted in who you can hire. Surely, you might be able to talk to some people to move to your office, but that’s not going to work with every potential employee. For the most part, you’ll be pulling from the local talent pool. Remote workers to modify all of that as you open yourself up internationally.

You can easily hire remote workers from countries such as Canada, the U.S., UK, and Australia without having to think twice. Additionally, by opening yourself up to applications from all over the world, you’ll be in a key position to entice even more talent. A recent survey found that almost 68% of millennials are inclined to favor a potential company if remote work was a choice. It also improves retention rates by 10% so you can keep more of your top talent for an extensive period.


Reduce Costs However You Want

You don’t have to rent office space to be in the business. There are certain compensations to mobilizing your whole team in the same room, but your costs would also surge. Remote teams can meaningfully move the spike the other way. Rendering to PGi, the normal real estate reserves with full-time teleworkers is $10,000 per worker per year. The insurance titan Aetna shed 2.7 million square feet of office space subsequent in a cost cut of $78 million per year. The cost- keeping implications of remote workers without help make it an enormous attraction.


You Also Get Healthy Remote Workers


Many studies show that certain aspects of in-house work have undesirable effects on psychological and physical wellbeing and these can be alleviated or reduced by working remotely. In the UK, workers occupy on average 58 minutes traveling to work. Commuting length has been linked with higher blood pressure and a bad mood in the office. Remote work eliminates the need for travel and the related disagreeable effects. The profits don’t just halt with eliminating the commute. General workplace stress is massively reduced with 82% of remote workers narrating lower stress levels, and over 3000 workers were graphed by FlexJobs who found 77% of respondents would be better if they had a flexible job and 86% would be less strained. Remote workers can be more contented and healthier, and the knock-on results can have positive effects on your business.


Final Thoughts


A remote team can be just as operational, if not more actual, than a local, in-house unit. Even though it requires some management, it allows everyone more agility, which can help your team uphold a healthy work-life equilibrium. The general benefits to your business and workforces are obvious.


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