VIDSCAPE is a full-featured content management, monetization and multiscreen delivery technology designed specifically to empower media and advertising industry through various features.

Having a rich background in media services, Vodworks has designed VidScape specifically for the online television and advertisement industry to help them deliver unmatched user experiences.


Service Manager


A highly-customizable fully featured OTT video service management application designed to provide a flexible integration platform ensuring a unique and powerful user experience.

  • Manage multiple content type efficiently in one powerful platform
  • Advanced publishing and workflow tools giving control on publication and distribution of content
  • Individualized subscriber management
  • Unique filter technology that automatically and intelligently manages custom groups of content
  • Dynamic screens supporting multiple contents enhancing personalization
  • Social logins and sharing supporting higher customer acquisition and engagement
  • Content encrypted ensuring protection adhering to highest standards
  • Supporting a wide range of streaming platforms and video infrastructures delivering scalability and ultimate user experience
  • Maximizing content value, managing ad profiles, increasing revenues, targeted advertising and multiple currency control

Multiscreen Apps

A platform developed to reduce consumer-facing applications issues while delivering a ready-to-use framework workable on a wide range of platforms. The user-focused interface is designed to capture the user as intuitively as possible to create beautiful consumer experiences and optimize technological platforms. Customized “off-the-shelf” apps with targeted approach and proof of concept before live application.

  • Customized user experiences according to the target market
  • No need to develop tools from scratch
  • Shorter turnaround time and cost-effective proof of concepts or complete live applications

User Experience & Discovery

At Vodworks we understand that the key to delivering the ultimate user experience and capturing consumers from their point of entry is to offer relevant content with zero clicks. VidScape integrates state-of-the-art technology using a multi-algorithm approach to drive more accurate content, rich user engagement and high revenue, making it a complete content discovery engine.

  • Collaborative suggestions and personalized user interfaces
  • Not a simple recommendation engine but a complete contentdiscovery engine
  • Efficient layout management functionality creating dynamicconsumer application screens


VidScape Analytics is a powerful data insights module that gives advertisement companies more metrics on data allowing them to take actionable decisions on their performance of services and better manage their content. It gives wide access to a customizable array of data points enabling businesses to segment and targets their audience more effectively.

  • Cross-reference and in-depth user data delivering powerful multi-dimensional consumer analysis
  • Greater insights and understandings regarding consumer behavior, resulting in improved decision making.
  • Effective audience segmentation to create targeted marketing communication channels
  • Cassandra database technology that rapidly and easily adds new data points
  • A flexible built-in platform allowing businesses to define additional data points

VidScape is changing the industry through unique partnerships and integrations…

Integration human emotion

New levels of Interactivity
driving user engagement

Personalisations taken to
new dimensions

Bringing blockchain into the

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Bringing blockchain into the

media mainstream.

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