Why Adopting DevOps Mindset Will Keep Your Fully Remote Business Afloat?

In the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses all around the world needed to momentarily close up and shift to a remote work environment. However, the digital shift wasn’t easy even in economically strong countries. The shift obviously required substantial investments, robust strategies, and cloud-based technologies so that the employees were able to work without interruptions. Thus, to boost the employee’s productivity, companies were swift to adopt a DevOps mindset. And, yes DevOps can help – let’s tell you how.

Understanding DevOps & How It Can Help?

Simply put, DevOps is a set of practices that helps to remove barriers between your development and IT operations teams. And, during this, it also ensures faster product delivery without compromising your customer’s experience. Those procedures are practical to coordinate, achieve, and systematize the pace of software development and release.

Given that it is assembled on the principles of automation and transposition, it is flawless for handling remote teams. Whether your teams work from home or an office, applying DevOps can adjust to your business requirements and surge efficiency and innovation. DevOps bases several decisive processes, such as:

• Configured management

• CI/CD Integration

• Automated testing

• Infrastructure as a programming

• Continuous deployment & monitoring 

• Preplanning

• Containerization

Implementation Of DevOps

DevOps can support your developers to increase efficiency. It can also enhance your procedures, infosec, and networking task force. You can boost teamwork, modernize many business methods, and make the performances abbreviate time-to-market, and meet customers’ needs more readily. Apart from the tech industry other industries such as finance, inventory management, hospitality, and healthcare have also adopted the DevOps mindset. 

Key Challenges Of Adopting DevOps Mindset

Even though DevOps has many benefits, it is often hard to be executed. About 50% of businesses scuffle with handling people, operations, and tools related to the DevOps shift. Furthermore, drawing and retaining an individual expert in DevOps is hard as well. Along with the expenses of hiring a resourceful DevOps engineer and supplying them with the right gears. And because of that, numerous software development companies look up a DevOps service provider. The advantages of subcontracting a DevOps service provider are multiple. You get to hire top-notch engineers that have accomplished several projects. Second, they will communicate regularly, follow your directions, and offer constant feedback, allowing your teams to work jointly and reach well-versed decisions.

Considerations While Adopting The DevOps Mindset

Successful digital transformation is not an immediate development. Digital transformation is a cultural, organizational, and operational change through the smart integration of digital technologies, in addition to noteworthy investments in cloud-based technologies. When implementing DevOps to bring your remote workforce together, here are a few aspects to remember:

• Migrate to the cloud or use cloud-native tools

• Systematize operations and streamline repetitive tasks 

• Categorize product vulnerabilities

• Encourage a better work-life equilibrium 

• Keep the workload realistic

• Form a supportive online community

Benefits Of DevOps For Your Remote Team

The global business model will be transformed forever once the COVID-19 pandemic is over. For many industries, the COVID-19 lockdown was a chance to make remote work benefit their team. Some businesses may even adopt remote work strategies instead of renting offices. And, with the help of DevOps, they will update business procedures, augment employee output, and accommodate their market quicker.

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