The UK’s Top-Grossing IT Firms in 2024


May 13, 2024 - 8 min read

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Definition of Top-Grossing IT Companies

In the United Kingdom’s Information Technology sector, identifying top-performing companies requires a nuanced approach. Our analysis relies on data from the Financial Times—a globally recognized financial media outlet renowned for its comprehensive coverage—as well as Capterra and Crunchbase. Unlike conventional assessments based solely on raw revenue figures, we prioritize the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) surpassing 100% as a key metric. This shift in focus allows us to uncover IT service providers not only achieving financial success but also sustaining robust growth over time. By emphasizing CAGR, we aim to identify breakout trends with future potential and acknowledge current trends consistently demonstrating resilience and development.

Identification and Categorization of Top-Grossing Organizations

In our analysis of the United Kingdom’s Information Technology sector, we specifically focus on companies categorized under ‘IT & Software.’ While recognizing that the IT landscape often intersects with other sectors, our deliberate choice to concentrate on this category ensures a more refined evaluation. By honing in on companies directly labeled under 'IT & Software,' we aim to provide you with a clearer understanding of the trends and developments within this specific segment of the industry. For a comprehensive view beyond this category, you can explore FT 1000: the seventh annual ranking of Europe’s fastest-growing companies in full, offering a broader, more holistic perspective.

Examination of Companies Leading the Market

Gift & Go

Gift & Go operates as an on-demand gifting, incentives, and rewards platform, leveraging cloud-native, SaaS, and web-based technologies. Its functionality is powered by Amazon Prime, providing users access to a diverse array of millions of gift options. This IT service provider facilitates seamless integration with Amazon Business and other suppliers, allowing businesses to extend the freedom of choice to their customers. The primary focus of Gift & Go is on businesses with substantial annual budgets dedicated to customer acquisition and retention campaigns, offering a practical solution for those seeking innovative ways to manage gifting initiatives.


Xydus addresses challenges related to validation, verification, and identity authentication by consolidating these processes into a single platform. The system meticulously codifies and cross-checks every discernible element present in government-issued IDs. The outcome is a binary, fact-based output, providing a streamlined and comprehensive approach to handling the risks and costs associated with these crucial aspects of identity management.


Ziflow stands out as a prominent online proofing platform, serving as a catalyst for agencies and brands striving to achieve outstanding creative output. The platform excels in simplifying the feedback process for various creative assets, fostering efficiency from conceptualization to the final product. Established in 2016, the IT service provider has grown its footprint to cater to a diverse global customer base: noteworthy clients include Showtime, AWS, and Dupont. Deployment options encompass Cloud, SaaS, and Web-Based, with a specialization in expediting creative review and approval processes.


Appvia serves as an effective solution for simplifying cloud infrastructure management, enhancing both productivity and security for teams. By offering self-service functionalities alongside centralized control, Wayfinder enables developers to navigate the intricacies of the cloud seamlessly. The platform is constructed upon isolation and least privilege principles, prioritizing a robust security posture. Providing comprehensive visibility across all clusters, applications, and resources, Appvia consolidates management into a single screen. Tailored for engineering and platform teams within medium to large enterprises, Appvia Wayfinder is designed to optimize cloud infrastructure management and security, ultimately enhancing overall team productivity.


iProov specializes in the development of face authentication technology, catering to the needs of global banks and governments for online identity verification. Beyond the financial and public sectors, the company plays a crucial role in assisting businesses in verifying customer identities and ensuring compliance with stringent anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-terrorist financing (ATF) protocols.

Halo Service Solutions

Halo Service Desk emerges as a comprehensive service desk software solution, unifying various functions into a single platform. This transformative IT service provider is designed to convert existing workflows into intuitive, real-time processes, empowering teams to provide optimal service to both customers and employees. Beyond standardizing IT managed support, Halo Service Desk offers valuable analytics, aligning IT delivery with the current and future business needs. This versatile solution is ideally suited for companies of all sizes and industries seeking a rapid solution and supports on-prem roll-out.


Distributed is a dynamic software development company that offers an innovative solution in the form of on-demand Elastic Teams, facilitating accelerated project delivery. Notably, the company secured a substantial investment of GBP 30 million from BT, a telecommunications market leader. This significant funding injection, received on February 15, 2022, underscores Distributed’s strategic positioning and the confidence placed in its approach by others.


InstaDeep specializes in providing enterprise-grade AI-fueled decision-making systems, effectively addressing intricate challenges within industrial profitability and IT procurement. In July 2023, the company underwent a significant development as it was acquired by BioNTech in a deal estimated at approximately GBP 500 million. The collaboration with BioNTech is poised to further integrate AI capabilities into the healthcare and biotechnology landscape, showcasing the expanding influence of AI technologies across diverse industries.


The Software-as-a-Service platform pioneered by Plentific seamlessly brings together property owners, landlords, social housing organizations, property management companies, operators, service providers, and residents in a unified space, simplifying operations and significantly enhancing efficiency. Collaborating closely with clients, Plentific is dedicated to streamlining operations, unlocking revenue potential, improving resident experiences, and ensuring compliance. The platform empowers clients with valuable data-driven insights that facilitate informed decision-making.

Oak Smart Technology

Oak Technology operates as a mobile IT service provider. It is distinguished for its provision of monetization management platform functionalities and is designed to enhance the overall financial performance and sustainability of EdTech initiatives.


Solidatus is designed to instill trust in data management and boost confidence in decision-making processes. Offering dynamic discovery and visualization features, along with robust governance capabilities, Solidatus enables users to navigate complex data landscapes effectively. The platform’s emphasis on revealing hidden insights helps uncover potential opportunities and threats while providing a clear understanding of the impact of changes within the data ecosystem. Solidatus essentially functions as a reliable data blueprint, aiding organizations in optimizing infrastructure, improving operational efficiency, and mitigating risks associated with decision-making.

2024 IT Trends in the UK

In the contemporary landscape of IT service providers headquartered in the United Kingdom, a unifying thread is found in the exclusive focus on business-to-business services delivered through a SaaS model. This widespread adoption of cloud technology reflects a strategic move towards scalable and accessible solutions. A subset of these companies place a strong emphasis on identity verification and management, aligning with stringent compliance requirements. Many of these innovative solutions are tailored for corporate settings, underscoring a commitment to enhancing efficiency and security within organizational frameworks.

Further contributing to this transformative landscape is the rising influence of artificial intelligence (AI) across these platforms. AI integration is increasingly evident, playing a pivotal role in addressing complex challenges and fostering innovation within the B2B sector. In essence, these trends underscore a convergence of cloud-centric services, commitment to compliance, and investing in breakthrough technology such as AI, collectively shaping the trajectory of business solution advancement.

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