Enterprise Software Development

We cater to the unique needs of large organizations by designing, creating and maintaining custom software solutions. We aim to enhance the efficiency of complex business operations with innovative technologies.

Our Enterprise Software Development Solutions

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Mobile & Web App Development

Our experienced team enriches your project based on lessons from our own successes and failures. With an intimate understanding of the software development lifecycle, our team actively contributes technical and commercial ideas to ensure the success of your future app.

  • - Idea to launch execution
  • - Proven product experience
  • - Tailored to your timeline, budget, goals
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IT staff augmentation

Expand your team and accelerate your software development process with our skilled developers. Whether you need additional resources for ongoing projects or specific expertise, we provide you with on-demand engineers without the overhead or complication of traditional hiring processes.

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Outsource PMO

By bringing in our Outsourced PMO function, we help you improve your project management processes, allowing you to get the benefits of diverse frameworks. Our expertise lies in guiding you to use the most fitting frameworks and methods that align with your unique needs and objectives. Our main goal is to drive ongoing improvements in your project management practices, ensuring your project success.

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Custom Business Applications

With strong experience in building and supporting adaptable ecosystems, we excel at working within your existing infrastructure and business principles. We specialise in taking existing structures and delivering enterprise-grade solutions that seamlessly integrate with your current systems.

  • - Aligned with existing infrastructure
  • - Delivering enterprise-grade solutions
  • - Impartial recommendations
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Team augmentation

We specialise in building development teams and structuring them to operate independently and autonomously, reporting directly into your business channels. Designed especially for your organisation based on your needs, structure, and culture, our dedicated development teams are committed to delivering exceptional results aligned with your goals and objectives.

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Business intelligence and data science

Our team of dedicated data and BI specialists tailor our services to your business requirements We collaborate within your current analytics framework or provide recommendations for tailored tools, guaranteeing consistent and dependable data delivery for seamless consumption every time. From selecting and implementing the ideal BI tools to drafting dynamic dashboards and reports, our comprehensive service transforms your data into a powerful asset, enabling you to improve your business operations through accessible and insightful information

Enterprise Software Development Lifecycle

Requirement Gathering

Identifying and documenting the software requirements, including functional and nonfunctional aspects, user expectations, and project goals

System Design

Creating a detailed system design based on the requirements gathered, including architectural design, database design, interface design, and other technical specifications.


Transforming the design into a functional software application by preparing the technical environment, building the systems, integrating and testing, and handling errors and exceptions.


Verifying that the developed software meets the specified requirements and functions as intended with unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and user acceptance testing.


Deploying the software to the production environment. This phase involves activities like installation, configuration, data migration, and user training.

Maintenance and Support

Regularly monitoring, updating, and enhancing the software to address issues, add new features, and ensure ongoing functionality and performance.

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Benefits of Enterprise Software Development

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Cost efficiency

We work closely with you through every stage of the development process, making sure we tackle risks and set your technology investments up for success.

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Business focus

We support your business from ideation to launch, offering tailored solutions for your projects needs.

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We implement security measures during the software development process to ensure that the software can withstand attacks.

Enterprise Development Software FAQ

Is on-demand developer availability among your offerings in software development?


We provide you with on-demand engineers whether you need additional resources for ongoing projects or specific expertise, without the overhead or complication of traditional hiring processes within our staff augmentation service.

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Are we able to vet the developers before we take them on-board?


When augmenting your team with our developers, you have the ability to meticulously vet candidates before onboarding. We ask clients to provide us with a required developer’s profile with needed skills and tech knowledge to guarantee our staff possess the expertise needed to contribute effectively to your software development projects. You have the flexibility to conduct interviews, and assess both developers’ soft skills and hard skills, ensuring a seamless alignment with your project requirements.

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How do you manage and accommodate change requests in software development?


We seamlessly handle and accommodate change requests in our software development process through our adoption of the Agile methodology. We use flexible approaches that best align with each unique project and the client's working style. With a commitment to adaptability, our dedicated team is structured to be highly flexible, ensuring that change requests are efficiently managed, integrated, and implemented without compromising the quality of deliverables.

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Who owns the IP of my application code/will I own the source code?


As our client, you retain full ownership of the source code, ensuring that you have the autonomy and control over your intellectual property throughout and beyond the development process.

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What levels of support do you offer?


We provide comprehensive technical assistance for applications, providing Level 2 and Level 3 support. Within our services, we continuously oversee your applications 24/7, establishing alerts and triggers at vulnerable points to promptly resolve emerging issues. Our team of experts assumes responsibility for alarm management, overseas fundamental technical tasks such as server management, and takes an active role in application development to address security fixes within specified SLAs to ensure support for your operations. In addition, we provide flexible warranty periods on the completion of your project, ensuring ongoing support and satisfaction with our delivered solutions.

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