Media and Entertainment Software Development

We provide world-class software services designed for businesses within the media and entertainment sector, covering video streaming, content distribution, and revenue generation

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Media & Entertainment Software Development Solutions

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White-label Video Streaming Apps

We create custom video streaming solutions, including branded platforms, tailored to your needs, offering a seamless experience for your customers with user apps and robust content management systems.

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Custom Enterprise Software

We specialise in bespoke enterprise software solutions for global media and entertainment clients, offering end-to-end support from initial contempt to final deployment of your customised software.

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End-User Applications

Whether it’s new or existing applications, we excel in cross-platform development (mobile, web, TV, and more), delivering immersive, user-friendly experiences with our expertise in product engineering and development.

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Backend Application and Infrastructure

With our extensive experience in managing millions of concurrent streams, we build technical infrastructure and develop backend applications that guarantee minimal downtime and peak performance, even under heavy user loads.

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Recommendation and Personalisation

We create advanced content recommendation and personalization services through advanced algorithms and data analysis, leading to higher user engagement and revenue growth for your business.

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Consulting Services

We offer trusted consulting with industry insights, technology recommendations, and effective content monetisation strategies for Media and Entertainment businesses, leveraging our expertise.

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System Integration

As system integrators, we work the best-in-class partners to bring together technologies and systems that enhance the productivity, efficiency, and capacity of your software products.

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Data and BI

We specialise in data services, helping you access insights for informed decision-making Our expertise ensures seamless, safe and compliant integration of these services into your operations.

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Why Choose Vodworks?

Optimize development cost

We work closely with you through every stage of the development process, making sure we tackle risks and set your technology investments up for success

Faster time-to-market

We build rapid PoCs and MVPs to reduce time-to-market, and implement time-tested agile processes to ensure quick and  successful delivery of full-scale software products

Diverse technical expertise

With more than 150 highly-skilled developers and a global network of experts, we guarantee the right technical talent for your business needs

Flexible teams

We offer an agile and flexible working approach, supporting you to quickly scale your projects up or down

End-to-end services

We support clients from ideation to launch, offering consistent and integrated technical services throughout the development cycle

Global presence

We cater to diverse technical and budget requirements, and serve clients spanning various time zones

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