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While most companies collect data, very few take action on that data. Our team of dedicated data specialists is here to ensure your data becomes an asset that actively benefits your operations. We collaborate within your current analytics framework or provide recommendations for tailored tools, guaranteeing consistent and dependable data delivery for seamless consumption every time.

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Modern Business Intelligence and Visualisation

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Data Platform and Management

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Advanced Analytics

Data Services We Provide

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Modern Business Intelligence and Visualisation

At Vodworks, we tailor our BI services to your business requirements. From selecting and implementing the ideal BI tools to drafting dynamic dashboards and reports, our comprehensive service transforms your data into a powerful asset, enabling you to improve your business operations through accessible and insightful information.

dot BI Tool Selection and Implementation

dot Specialised Recommendation Engines

dot Data Visualisation

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Data Platform and Management

As part of our data services, we optimise data design and storage, empowering you to leverage your data effectively while ensuring peak performance in large-scale enterprise settings and maintaining data quality, compliance and security through best practices, stringent access controls, and state-of-the-art encryption measures.

dot Data Warehousing

dot Data Modelling

dot Data Integration

dot Data Governance and Security

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Advanced Analytics

Our team has strong experience using advanced analytics for custom solutions. We often leverage AI to enhance model learning capabilities through the integration of relevant data, ensuring our custom solutions and PoCs not only automate processes and optimise operations, but also uncover valuable insights from your data. Our iterative approach, involving supervised and unsupervised algorithm training, combined with automated model refinement, not only drives analytics but also yields profitability for your business.

dot Custom AI-based business applications

dot Specialised Recommendation Engines

dot Business Forecasting

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Why Use Our Data Services

Data Security Focused

Our top priority is ensuring the security of your data. We employ best-in-class GDPR compliant measures to safeguard your data, both in transit and at rest, providing you with peace of mind and compliance with industry standards

Balanced Performance and Affordability

We understand the delicate balance between performance and cost. Using our expertise, we optimise data services to deliver superior performance while keeping costs manageable

Big Data Expertise

With strong knowledge of big data infrastructure and tools such as Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, Kafka, Cassandra, and more, we’re well equipped to handle your data needs, regardless of the scale or complexity

ETL and ELT Mastery

Whether you prefer ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) or ELT (Extract, Load Transform) at the source or destination, on-premises or in the cloud, we have the experience and knowledge to execute seamless data integration processes tailored to your requirements

Dedicated Data Experts

Our team includes dedicated data scientists and engineers ready to support and collaborate with you. From data analysis to troubleshooting ,we have the talent and expertise to assist you at every stage of your data journey

We Work Across Industries

At Vodworks, we pride ourselves on our versatile approach, supporting clients across a spectrum of industries. Our team's extensive experience and commitment to understanding the unique nuances of your industry and company guarantee the success of your project, no matter the sector you operate in

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Meet Our Data Expert


Abdul Qayyum

Architect & Technical Director


With more than 17 years in software development, Abdul is a Software Architect has extensive expertise in Java, Big Data, AI/ML, and Blockchain technologies. His main role is to deliver strong architecture for back-end and middleware solutions to our clients across diverse business domains, including Telco, E-commerce, Blockchain, Media Streaming, Social Apps, and IoT.

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