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We strive to create a world where technology breaks down barriers and improves the lives of people while protecting our planet.

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ImpactHub’s Vision is to generate the culture of Tech Entrepreneurship among impact-driven businesses and young leaders.

  • Support & provide opportunities to entrepreneurs through
    • Dynamic Programmes
    • Incubators
    • Mentoring
  • Inspire and engage the local community with
    • Weekly Events
    • Creative Space
    • Online Learning Platform
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TapEffect is a social enterprise that brings the technical know-how and financial capabilities to ensure that rural piped water networks are designed, built and operated sustainably.

  • Our 1-Unit "1U" Project covers
    • 19 villages and over 14,000 people of Cambodia.
    • Connects 9 schools & 2 Healthcare facilities to safe water.
    • We are licensed by the Ministry of Industrial Handicrafts to supply this area with clean water for 20 years.
  • The Pilot Project is currently supplying 500 people from the Bunong Indigenous community in clean and safe water.
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BhaiChara App is an online platform that will connect the service provider with service recipient and help create jobs for those people who provide excellent services but do not have the financial capability of advertising their services. The app will have a location base database of the tried and tested service providers.

  • Launched in 2020
  • To encourage entrepreneurship culture and contribute in improving the economy of Pakistan
  • Multiple programs running under BhaiChara include
    • BhaiChara App
    • Sufaid Posh Project
    • BhaiChara Venture Financing
    • BhaiChara University Projects
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Sufaid Posh

This program brings the opportunity for the white collar community of the society who are going through financial issues and are unable to afford good quality iftar for their families. Bhai Chara has decided to take care of this problem and has arranged free of cost Iftar to all these community members with no questions asked. All they have to do it to register themselves and chose the bakery in their preferred area, show bhai chara voucher and get excellent quality iftar.

  • 1270+ families who registered for Iftar (In four weeks)
  • 3775+ meals provided (In four weeks)
  • Page reached to 4730+ people (During Ramadan)
  • Page visited by 1280 people (During Ramadan)
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