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With a proven track record in assembling high-performing remote teams, our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating remote development teams worldwide, optimising processes for successful outcomes.

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Staff Augmentation

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Dedicated Development Team

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Outsource PMO

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24/7 Monitoring & Support

Our Team and Staff Augmentation Services

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Staff Augmentation

Expand your team and accelerate your software development process with our skilled developers. Whether you need additional resources for ongoing projects or specific expertise, we provide you with on-demand engineers without the overhead or complication of traditional hiring processes.

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Dedicated Development Team

We specialise in building development teams and structuring them to operate independently and autonomously, reporting directly into your business channels. Designed especially for your organisation based on your needs, structure, and culture, our dedicated development teams are committed to delivering exceptional results aligned with your goals and objectives.

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Outsource PMO

By bringing in our Outsourced PMO function, we help you improve your project management processes, allowing you to get the benefits of diverse frameworks. Our expertise lies in guiding you to use the most fitting frameworks and methods that align with your unique needs and objectives. Our main goal is to drive ongoing improvements in your project management practices, ensuring your project success.

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24/7 Monitoring & Support

We provide comprehensive technical assistance for applications, providing Level 2 and Level 3 support. Within our services, we continuously oversee your applications 24/7, establishing alerts and triggers at vulnerable points to promptly resolve emerging issues. Our team of experts assumes responsibility for alarm management, overseas fundamental technical tasks such as server management, and takes an active role in application development to address security fixes within specified SLAs to ensure support for your operations

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Our Unique Approach to Building Teams

Understand your needs

First thing is first, we dive into what you want and need

Identify skill gap

We figure out what skills are needed to tackle the project. If you have an existing team, we identify the gaps

Select the right team

We gather the right people for the project, based on skills as well as their personalities to ensure the team vibes well with yours

Onboard and kickoff

Together, we make sure everyone is onboarded and all stakeholders are aligned on expectations, goals, and timelines.


We keep communication lines wide open. We have regular, transparent updates to discuss progress, challenges, and achievements

Always improve

We encourage a culture of continuous improvement and strive to exceed client expectations to build a long-term partnership

Share knowledge

We document all key project information, codebase, and processes for knowledge transfer to your team

Happy client, Happy life

We regularly ask for feedback and do our best to exceed your expectations

Build your development team!

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Why Choose Vodworks?

Diverse technical expertise

With more than 150 highly-skiled developers and a global network of experts, we guarantee the right technical talent for your business needs

Global presence

We cater to diverse technical and budget requirements, and serve clients spanning various time zones

Scalable teams

We offer an agile and flexible working approach, supporting you to quickly scale your projects up or down

Proactive problem solving

As part of our DNA, all our team members are active problem-solvers, helping you to address issues, mitigate risks, and find creative solutions to your hardest challenges

Fit with your culture

Our team is adaptable and collaborative, ensuring we quickly integrate with your team and align with your culture and values

Client satisfaction

We always put your objectives first and have a strong emphasis on client satisfaction with focus on long-term partnerships

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About Vodworks

Vodworks is a global provider of end-to-end software development services. We help clients across the world use modern technology to transform challenges into lasting business value, operational efficiency, and revenue growth. With a team of over 200 experts in multiple countries, Vodworks offers tech consulting, engineering, data, and team augmentation services.

Since our inception in 2012, we have worked with numerous industry leaders and innovative startups, creating value across diverse sectors like media, telecommunications, gaming, fintech, and beyond. As a company, we are driven by a passion for advancing society through technology. We therefore also invest heavily in research and development and collaborate closely with entrepreneurs and startups to build innovative tech solutions to life.

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