DHS Arabia is a Saudi-based IT provider that has been revolutionising the healthcare industry since 2008. The company is providing tools and technologies to help healthcare streamline their operations by becoming more efficient and decreasing operational costs.



DHS Arabia asked the Vodworks team to develop an enterprise grade automated billing & invoicing platform within 8 weeks. The platform’s key features must have included integration with existing ERP and Exchange solutions, payment processing and databases update, ESAL invoice files generation, as well as inbox monitoring and network storage folders for incoming bills and invoices.


The main challenge our team faced was the short turnaround time required for each feature due to the 8-week timeframe for the entire project. DHS Arabia urgently needed the platform to go live within this limited window. Vodworks developers worked in rapid development cycles, with each feature needing to be conceived, developed, and released in a matter of 1-2 weeks.

Our role

Vodworks backend engineers were responsible for architecting a system capable of processing payments and updating databases in real-time. Meanwhile, our frontend engineers worked to design a user-friendly interface that ensured smooth navigation and accessibility for all users. Under the guidance of a dedicated project manager, the team was able to meet the client’s deadlines.

Our quality assurance engineers conducted testing to identify and fix any bugs or issues, ensuring a flawless end product despite the time limitations. Not only did our team meet the client's requirements, but we also managed to incorporate additional features to enhance the platform's functionality.


Tech stack

  • .Net
  • Angular 7
  • SQL Server
  • Hangfire


  • Back-end Engineers
  • Front-end Engineers
  • Project Manager
  • QA Engineers


  • Integration with existing solutions such as ERP systems and Exchange servers
  • The ability to generate ESAL invoice files and distribute them efficiently to clients via email.
  • Processing payments and updating the databases
  • Monitoring inboxes and network storage folders for incoming bills & invoices, and updating the relevant systems

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