Strydr is a pedestrian navigation mobile application that utilises an overlap compass and polylines to direct users to their destination.

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Our role

Vodworks experts have provided complete end-to-end development services including project design, software development, testing and deployment

Tech stack

  • iOS (ObjectiveC)
  • NodeJS
  • NoSQL
  • AWS
  • Apple Maps
  • Google Maps


While designing and developing the app, the Vodworks team faced a number of challenges:

  • Implementing a compass overlay on the map to guide users to the next waypoint effectively.
  • Ensuring location agnosticism, allowing seamless integration of location and direction data from various providers like Google Maps, Apple Maps, Foursquare, and more.
  • Developing an ad-serving engine that caters to user-specific interests and location, delivering targeted advertisements tailored to each user's preferences.

Development Lifecycle

Strydr’s development lifecycle can be divided into the following phases:

  • Conceptualisation: In this initial phase, the product’s requirements were formulated and validated against the initial problem that it was supposed to solve. Additionally, small proof-of-concepts (POCs) were created to validate the technological design.
  • Design: Transitioning into the design phase, the app's visual and structural elements were outlined and finalised.
  • Development: Following agile methodology, the development team ensured a dynamic and iterative approach to building the product.
  • Testing: The app was thoroughly tested in-house, followed by a rigorous examination by a test group before being released to the public.
  • Improvements: Post-launch, based on user feedback, a number of small improvements were implemented to increase the app's overall appeal and functionality.
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  • Point by Point Navigation: Instead of following lines or reading maps, the app guides you by pointing you to the next waypoint.
  • Detours: On the way to the destination, the app allows users to easily detour to find a coffee place, gas station or any desired location.
  • Location-Aware Ads: Location-aware ads provide users with deals and offers tailored to their route.
  • Trip Planning: Users are able to plan walking trips in advance, online or offline, with Strydr's user-friendly interface.


  • After the launch Strydr was ranked higher than Google Maps by Apple in “Walking Apps” category.

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