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VidScape is a full-featured cutting-edge content management, monetization, and multiscreen delivery solution, meticulously designed to empower the media and advertising industries.

From data-driven user experience to OTT content and service management features, the Vodworks team has been dedicated to making VidScape an innovative tech solution that meets our client’s business needs.

Tech stack

  • Java for Back End
  • Spring Framework and Hibernate ORM
  • Kibana
  • Elasticsearch Platform
  • Angular
  • Objective-C for iOS
  • Java for Android
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud deployment
  • Multiple VLCs integration


  • Backend engineers
  • Frontend engineers (ReactJS and Angular)
  • Mobile (iOS & Android) engineers
  • DevOps
  • Solution Architect

Our role

The Vodworks team identified a significant gap in the Video Media solutions industry: the absence of a technology-agnostic video management system capable of seamlessly integrating with multiple video streaming services.

To address this issue, we developed VidScape, a platform engineered to offer advanced customization options and dynamic filters and groups. This empowers our clients to curate and present their content in a manner that perfectly aligns with their unique vision and objectives, setting a new standard for user engagement and satisfaction.



1. OTT Content and Service Management:

  • Flexible and Intelligent Video Workflows: Smart routing of video that creates greater levels of profitability in OTT.
  • Complete Service Management: Driving greater control and monetization of content through intelligent technology.
  • Multi-layered Pricing: Increased methods of monetization and reduced shopping cart abandonment that boost customer acquisition.
  • Dynamic UI Management: Audience attention is captured by reacting within minutes to market events.
  • Open Ecosystem: VidScape is designed to work in any ecosystem reducing risk whilst increasing revenue

2. Big Data Analytics:

  • Gathering, studying, and analyzing large amounts of data to discover trends and insights in the market.

3. Data-Driven User Experience

  • Optimizing user satisfaction by leveraging analytics data, insights, and patterns derived from user behaviors, interactions, and feedback.

4. Video Infrastructure Agnostic

  • Seamlessly integrating with multiple video streaming services.

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