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Our dedicated R&D team is on a mission to use blockchain and web3 technologies to address real challenges across traditional and non-traditional sectors by removing the complexities of web3 and streamlining it's adoption process

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Web3 Development Solutions We Provide

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Web3 Strategy Consulting

Working closely with your team, we consider your industry and business to identify opportunities where we can integrate web3 solutions to improve operational efficiency and drive sustainable growth

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Custom Web3 Software Development

Building on our knowledge and application web3 technologies, we develop tailored solutions using web3 technology to meet your unique business needs

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dApp Development

We design and build decentralised applications (dApps) based on your needs. We use blockchain technology to create secure, efficient, and user-friendly dApps.

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Web3 Wallets

We design and build secure and user-friendly digital wallets that seamlessly integrate with blockchain applications. We prioritize safety and accessibility of your digital assets within the web3 ecosystem

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Web3 AML and Compliance

We ensure your blockchain-based operations meet regulatory requirements. We offer robust tools and strategies to facilitate Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) compliance within the web3 ecosystem

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Web3 Gaming Integration

We enable the transformation of web3 games into web3 experience, allowing your business to reap the benefits of blockchain technology. We focus on making the adoption of web3 features as seamless as possible, benefiting your gaming ecosystem

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Content Monetisation and Asset Management

We have developed a customizable web3 digital asset managment platform that can be leveraged across industries and empowers businesses to harness the benefits of web3. Our platform offers new unique ways to use digital assets to engage audiences, create revenue, and stay safe and compliant in the web3 ecosystem

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Rights Management

Being specilised in the video industry, we have developed a unique solutions that transforms user rights into digital assets, allowing your business greater access to audiences and have better security against piracy and password sharing

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Our Journey in Web3

Since 2018, our team at Vodworks has been passionately working on numerous groundbreaking projects in the fields of blockchain and Web3. Our primary focus has been on exploring alternative applications, eliminating friction that hinders mass adoption, and revolutionizing the game industry.

First blockchain PoC (Fair Dice Game)

Exploring alternative use-cases for blockchain other then crypto

Seamless fiat to crypto onramp

Exploring alternative use-cases for blockchain other then crypto

DeFi platform to production

Built a product that used the benefits of DeFi for access to liquidity (product was taken to market)

2022 H1
Consulting and development for Web3 DeFi game

Consulted and developed a web3 DeFi game for a client

2022 H2
Kumocore product starts development

Building an in-house content monetisation platform for web3

Our Case Studies

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Meet Our Web3 Experts

We work with diverse clients, spanning from startups to large enterprises in various industries. Our adaptable team excels in tailoring solutions to unique working styles and needs, driving innovation with new technologies.


Kostya Kashpur

Engineering Manager


Kostya is an engineering manager with 15 years of hands-on experience in the software development industry. Over the years, he's been leading multicultural and multinational teams, releasing and controlling team`s deliverables, code reviews, guiding the professional and technical development of team members, and actively contributing to the recruitment process.

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FAQ About Web3 Development

Do you collaborate with startups for software development projects?


Yes, our expert team collaborates closely with startups, helping them navigate the technical landscape, build scalable and market-ready software, and bring their vision to life.

Our startup software development services & solutions:

  • MVP & Rapid POC's
  • Investment & Incubation
  • Mobile & Web App Development
  • Team Augmentation
  • Project Rescue
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Is on-demand developer availability among your offerings in software development?


We provide you with on-demand engineers whether you need additional resources for ongoing projects or specific expertise, without the overhead or complication of traditional hiring processes within our staff augmentation service.

Explore our Team and Staff Augmentation services

Who owns the IP of my application code/will I own the source code?


As our client, you retain full ownership of the source code, ensuring that you have the autonomy and control over your intellectual property throughout and beyond the development process.

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In what industries can Web3 technology be implemented?


Web3 technology finds applications across various industries. In Retail marketing Web3 can help create engaging experiences with interactive gamification and collaborative loyalty. Within improving online streaming security Web3 technologies help safeguard content with digital subscription rights, control access, and provide global reach. Web3 Gaming is another direction of using this technology to reshape in-game interactions, monetize with tradable assets, and foster active participation in the gaming community. These are just some examples of where web3 technology makes sense however there will of course be use cases where it doesn’t. Contact us to learn more.

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How do you overcome challenges of Web3 as it's still emerging?


Navigating the dynamic Web3 landscape presents challenges, and our strategy involves continuous adaptation to emerging developments. Our R&D department helps anticipate and proactively address potential issues. Our products and solutions are designed with flexibility to seamlessly accommodate changes, and implement Web3 technologies alongside Web2 to maximise the fit.

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What Our Clients Say

About Vodworks

Vodworks is a global provider of end-to-end software development services. We help clients across the world use modern technology to transform challenges into lasting business value, operational efficiency, and revenue growth. With a team of over 200 experts in multiple countries, Vodworks offers tech consulting, engineering, data, and team augmentation services.

Since our inception in 2012, we have worked with numerous industry leaders and innovative startups, creating value across diverse sectors like media, telecommunications, gaming, fintech, and beyond. As a company, we are driven by a passion for advancing society through technology. We therefore also invest heavily in research and development and collaborate closely with entrepreneurs and startups to build innovative tech solutions to life.

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