Vodworks at GITEX GLOBAL 2023: How Companies Leverage AI and adopt Web3 technology

Alex Dragos Cercel, Vice President of Operations Europe

October 27, 2023 - 5 min read

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Vodworks at GITEX GLOBAL 2023: How Companies Leverage AI and adopt Web3 technology

As a global software development company, we consistently strive to stay up-to-date with tech events in diverse regions to gain a deeper insight into the evolution of software trends across the globe.

This year for the very first time, Vodworks made it to GITEX GLOBAL, represented by Alex Dragos Cercel, Vice President of Operations in Europe. In this article, Alex will share insights into his five-day experience at the world's largest tech show.


Innovations at GITEX GLOBAL: AI, VR and Web3

The 2023 GITEX was taking place at Dubai World Trade Centre & Dubai Harbour. This year's edition featured companies, ranging from 2-employee startups to big multinationals, all showcasing their innovations in the fields of AI, Cybersecurity, Mobility, Sustainable Tech, and much more. Yet, GITEX was not just about the diverse exhibitors, it also hosted events and shows, including conferences, workshops and networking about AI innovations, Fintech, Blockchain, Marketing etc.

The AI theme was incorporated throughout the whole 5 days of the show. Particular interest and enthusiasm was shown among products centred around ChatGPT technology, Even Government and Semi-Government industries have embraced ChatGPT-based solutions, demonstrating the practicality of AI-driven innovations in the field. There were presented platforms that leverage AI to autonomously generate code, simplifying the app development process. The presence of such products signified the growing adoption of AI tools in software development. Furthermore, lots of companies at GITEX showcased their virtual reality (VR) solutions. The representation of VR-oriented enterprises signifies the expanding horizons of the industry.


Regarding the region, it's evident that Sustainability, Agriculture solutions, and addressing core issues are top priorities. Notably, the adoption of Web3 technology is gaining significant traction, especially in diverse sectors such as Goods Production, Agriculture, Real Estate, or Trading Platforms.

Dubai has been actively embracing cutting-edge technologies and along with the GITEX event, has shown an enthusiasm for Web3, raising awareness about this transformative technology within various events.


Our approach in adopting Web3 technology

At Vodworks we aim to use blockchain and web3 technologies to address real challenges across traditional and non-traditional sectors by removing the complexities of web3 and streamlining its adoption process.

Our approach involves implementing the most promising aspects of Web3 technologies into existing Web2 systems, rather than completely transitioning the entire project to Web3. This approach mitigates potential risks associated with the nascent state of Web3 technology. We are confident that by incorporating this strategy, we can enhance various industries such as Marketing, Retail, Online Streaming, Gaming, and many more.

web3-gitex Digital assets

Location-based digital collectibles can transform mundane offline interactions with customers into unforgettable online-to-offline adventures. Driving engagement and elevating loyalty is the main business goal we pursue while working on the technical side of a client's project, implementing interactive gamification by using blockchain technology.

Online streaming industry gains from web3 innovative solutions on such levels as eliminating the threat of piracy and password sharing, controlling the access of the content, getting valuable data, enabling strategic decisions to optimise content delivery and engagement strategies and much more.

Our team brings value to the clients from the gaming industry by developing a Web3 game store that’s based on blockchain and decentralised principles, offering a unique gaming experience. In a Web3 game store, players can access games, virtual assets, and other gaming-related content while benefiting from features like true ownership of in-game items, interoperability across games, player-driven economies, and decentralised governance. This type of game store allows players to engage in a more immersive, interactive, and community-driven gaming ecosystem, where ownership, participation, and innovation are redefined.

Vodworks team has also been working on a Web3 smart payment solution. It is unique in that from a layperson’s perspective it is designed to be user friendly with all the crypto functionality in the backend therefore lending itself perfectly for any day to day transactional requirements that need  ‘pay-in or pay-out’ capabilities like banking, media, and gaming to name a few. What is also unique is the orchestration we have designed that underpins all our Web 3.0 based solutions is completely interoperable between different blockchains and as you move from chain to chain the user experience remains the same, this means that as the ever changing Blockchain ecosystem expands our services will be able to embrace them.

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